One Platform. Multiple Applications.

From capital planning to operational decision-making.

Industrial Water

Addressing membrane challenges in the desalination and food and beverage industry.

  • Recovery Optimization
    Intelligently maximize production based on load profile.
  • Energy Optimization
    Dynamically optimize energy costs based on load profile.
  • Fault Detection
    Detect and manage process trends and sensor faults.
  • Cleaning Scheduling
    Optimize chemical cleaning and flushing based on KPIs.

Wastewater &
Sewage Systems

Operational Intelligence for Activated Sludge and collection systems.

  • Aeration Optimization
    Dynamically optimize energy costs based on load profile.
  • Anaerobic Digestion
    Maximize value-added resource production.
  • Wet-Weather Flow Management
    Minimize sewer overflows and downstream flooding.
  • Conveyance Routing
    Dynamically optimize lift station pumping to enhance infrastructure exploitation.

Drinking Water Systems

Operational Optimization and Capital Planning for water infrastructure.

  • Pump Performance
    Efficient scheduling of CS/VFD pumps in real-time.
  • Asset Prioritization
    Identify critical water mains for replacement.
  • Demand Prediction
    Generate short, medium and long-term forecasts for asset planning.
  • Water Quality
    Real-time prediction of water age and chlorine residuals.
  • Filtration Optimization
    Minimize filter particle breakthrough.

We Solve Water,
Regardless of the Application

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