Towards proactive management.

HARVI is equipped with an elegant dashboard and virtual assistant that helps operators create, monitor and visualize their KPIs in real-time.

Real-time Optimization

HARVI’s real-time intelligence provides recommendations on how to schedule critical assets. It also allows users to evaluate customized schedules and scenarios 24 hours in advance.

Plant Forecasts

HARVI generates day-ahead forecasts of critical asset parameters throughout the plant, enabling users to proactively evaluate time series data.

Richer Insights

Whether you’re looking to benchmark your system’s annual performance or troubleshoot a specific unit operation – simply query long term health and performance trends of your system using HARVI’s reporting functionality.

GIS Integrated

HARVI allows users to import GIS asset data enabling a real-time spatial visualization of distribution systems with the ability to filter by forecasted water quality and hydraulic parameters.

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